Massachusetts Medical License

Massachusetts Medical License

If you are scheduling your annual checkup and want to be safe and take a better care of your health you’d be better to confirm if the doctor has a medical license or not. Or thinking of becoming a doctor in MA? Find out how to apply for your license. Moreover, learn how to use Massachusetts medical license lookup tool to verify a Massachusetts Medical license validity.

How long does it take to get a medical license in Massachusetts?

If you have decided to become a doctor, then get ready to spend years on your education. The state of Massachusetts requires doctors to be well educated. So, here you can find the steps how get prepared for your Massachusetts Medical license.

Firstly, complete the pre-medical education. You should study courses related to physics, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and biology two or more years. Complete the courses at a legally chartered university or college. During your study get prepared for the MCAT exam.
Secondly, pass the MCAT exam. After that enroll in a Medical School.

So, after completing pre-medical education and getting high score in your exam you can enroll in M.D program. To get the degree usually takes around four years. Moreover, you will have to complete a residency training program.

Thirdly, complete additional training requirements.

Apply for the Massachusetts Medical license

So, now you are ready to apply for your license. Apply for the license to the Board of Registration in Medicine. There are different types of medical licenses. Use Massachusetts MD license lookup to find the proper type for you.

Before submitting the application make sure that it’s signed and notarized. You will need to pay $600 application fee to the Board.

The average length of time for processing the application

It will take approximately 16 weeks to the Board to review your application. If there are no missing documents or legal issues you will receive your Massachusetts medical license within 3-4 months.

What is the easiest medical license to get in Massachusetts?

There are several types of medical licenses you can obtain in MA.

Full license is for the doctors, who practices medicine independently. In short, an active license must earn CPD credits and have a malpractice insurance.

Administrative license is for those whose responsibilities are administrative or academic.

Limited licenses are issued to those physicians, who has enrolled in post-graduate medical education programs in teaching hospitals in MA. Temporary license is a full license. But, its duration is no more than nine months.

Volunteer license is for the physicians who practice medicine at work sites approved by the Board.

But, to work as a doctor in the hospitals you need to obtain a Full medical license.

How do I verify a Massachusetts medical license?

There are several tools that may help you to verify a Massachusetts medical license. For example, MA medical license lookup, Mass medical license lookup or Mass MD license lookup.

Here are the steps you need to take.

Firstly, visit the Massachusetts Health Professions license verification official page.

Secondly, choose the profession. After that enter the last name or the license number, if you know it.

Use Massachusetts medical board license lookup and find more information about the licenses types and requirements to obtain it.

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