Massachusetts Banned License Plates

Massachusetts Banned License Plates

The residents of each U.S. state must apply to get a license plate to own a car. Besides, there are people, who want to personalize their vanity tags. Personalizing a vanity tag means adding the names of the vehicle owners, letters, and digits they like.

To apply for a certain number tag in Massachusetts, the applicants must request an application. So, you may register and get a title for your vehicle.

Massachusetts Vanity Plate Application

The Department of Motor Vehicle of Massachusetts supervises the whole process of getting a tag number. In addition, you can complete the application both online and in person. To apply in person, you must visit the Registry of Motor Vehicle service in Massachusetts. Also, bring a completed application.

In conclusion, the applicant must provide the following requirements for a request:

  1. Above all, the applicant must enter his/her first and last name.
  2. Also, provide a Massachusetts driver’s license (if you have it).
  3. Then, you must provide the address of the city (state).
  4. At the end, provide an e-mail.

The application fee is $50.

Causes for Massachusetts Vanity tag Rejection.

Generally, owning a custom tag does not mean that it can be acceptable by the state. Moreover, according to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation laws, the state sometimes has to reject personalized tags.

Given that, you will meet all these rejections while searching for Colorado Banned License Plates.

The state will reject a certain tag in some cases:

  1. If the combinations are vulgar and offensive, including swear words.
  2. Any plate tag that has racial, sexual, ethnic, and religious discriminations.
  3. Also, phrases related to an individual’s disability, political affiliation, etc.

Besides, vanity plates must match the following requirements:

  1. The DMV does not accept tags that begin with more than 2 letters.
  2. Vehicle owners cannot use numbers at the center of the tag. The numbers must be settled in the end. Also, the number “0” cannot be the first digit.
  3. The maximum number of symbols for plate tags is 6, and the minimum is 2.
  4. Antique vehicles can have a maximum of 4 symbols on the vanity tag. Motorcycles can have a maximum of 5 symbols, and commercial plate tags 6 characters.
  5. “I and U”, “O and Q” letters can be used. But, they should be parts of correctly spelled words.
  6. No punctuation mark is acceptable.

Massachusetts Banned License Plates

Here is the list of banned personalized tags according to 2020, 2021 statistics.

Combinations that include vulgar phrases:

  • For example, “PISSA”, “GFYM1″, “GFYM2”, “GFYM3”.
  • Also, “LMFAO”, “MOIST”, “SHTBX”.
  • In the same way, “ELYBJO”, “PEKKA”, “ITSICK”, “BLOMI”.

Vanity plates that are considered profane:

  • “MMKAY”, “SLAY”, “FVCKM3”.

Also, custom tags that consist of “ASS”, “AZZ”, and “MF”.

Combinations that have sexual meaning:

  • “WAP”, “VAGLVR”, “PSYLVR”.

Religious combinations of vanity plates:

  • “SATAN”, “DEATH”, “MORTE”.

Custom Plates

As mentioned above, a personalized custom tag allows you to have a unique combination of letters and digits for your vehicle. So, you can get a custom sheet online doing the required steps:

  1. Visit the Mass state web page.
  2. Afterward, select the “Transportation” title.
  3. Choose “Menu” from the “Online Services” field.
  4. Check the availability of a license plate you want.
  5. Enter the tag combination in the “Verification” section.

In case of plate availability, you can order a personalized custom plate.

For ordering a plate you need to:

  1. Firstly, download an application from the “Vanity Plates Application”.
  2. Secondly, enter your personal information. Also, mention your local RMV.
  3. Thirdly, put your personalized plate message.
  4. Also, sign the application and mention the date.
  5. Mark a check for the application fee. The fee is $50.
  6. Afterward, mail the completed application and fee check to RMV.
  7. After getting a response, you must download your tag number.
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