Massachusetts Contractor License

Massachusetts Contractor License

Thinking of obtaining a contractor license in Massachusetts? Firstly, choose the services you want to provide. Secondly, decide which kind of license you need. The main types are:

  • Supervisor’s License
  • Home improvement Contractor’s License
  • Abatement License
  • Electrician Contractor’s License
  • Plumbing Contractor’s License

But, within these categories are a few sub-categories. Massachusetts Contractor license lookup will help you to find the license type you need.

How do I check a contractor’s license in Massachusetts?

To check a contractor’s license in Massachusetts will help you MA Contractor license lookup. So, to verify someone’s Massachusetts Contractor license validity visit the Board of Building Regulation and Standards website. Here with the help of MA contractors license lookup you can check the MA contractor’s license validity.

In short, try searching by last name only or by full license number. But, in this case you will need to know the prefix and dash.

Does Massachusetts require a contractor license?

Licensing for contractors is required and regulated by the state board. The Massachusetts State Board of Building Regulations and Standards set requirements that you should meet to be able to obtain a license. Firstly, you should meet the educational and experience requirements. And, pass the pre-licensing exam.

Moreover, if you are planning to start your own contracting business, you’ll have to register with the Massachusetts Secretary of State. As well as provide necessary documents and permits. The most important is the Tax ID number.

But, depending on your contracting work, you may need to obtain a special license. For example, you may need to obtain a Massachusetts plumber license or Electrical contracting license.

How do I become a home improvement contractor in Massachusetts?

Wondering how to become a home improvement contractor in Massachusetts? Here the Massachusetts home improvement contractor license lookup will help you.

To be a home improvement contractor in Massachusetts you don’t need to obtain a license. The only thing you should do is to be registered as a Home Improvement Contractor. You can register as:

  • An individual
  • A proprietorship
  • A partnership
  • A corporation

If you are going to register as a corporation, submit a document to prove that you registered your business. The businesses in Massachusetts should be registered by the Secretary of State’s Office.

You should pay $150 as a registration fee. And, if you’re going to have employees you will pay a mandatory contribution to the Guaranty Fund. For example, for up to three employees you will pay $100. For up to ten employees $200 an so on.

You can register online by visiting to the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation website create an account and apply for the registration.

How do I get a contractors license in Massachusetts with no experience?

In General, to obtain a Massachusetts Contractor license you will need at least three years of experience. It should be in the design and construction of buildings. Moreover, the work should be done full-time. This means that you should work 40 hours a week. But the quality of your work can’t effect on obtaining a license.

Contractor license with no experience

In some cases, you can apply to the Board to obtain a license without a document that proves your experience. But the cases are rare and you should contact to the Board and know how to apply. There is no any application form or requirements that you should meet. The applications are reviewed case by case.

Is it hard to get a contractors license in Massachusetts?

If you use Massachusetts general contractor license lookup, you may learn that there is no General Contractor license that is issued by the Board. Board issues the following types of licenses:

  • Supervisor’s License
  • Home improvement Contractor’s License
  • Abatement License
  • Electrician Contractor’s License
  • Plumbing Contractor’s License

Depending on the type of the contractor license, the process may vary.

To work as a constructor, you will need to obtain a Construction Supervisor License (CSL). Depending on your scope of work your CSL will be separated into three license:

Restricted CSL, Unrestricted CSL, Specialty CSL.

The main requirements to obtain a license

To obtain a Massachusetts constructor license you should meet education requirements and pass the exam.
Firstly, register for the CSL exam through the Prometric website. Secondly get prepared and pass the exam. And, answer 70% of the questions correctly.

Now you are ready to apply for your Massachusetts Contractor License:

Visit the State Board of Building Regulations and Standards:

  • Choose the type of license you are applying for
  • Submit a document to approve your experience
  • Submit exam registration form
  • Complete and pass the exam
  • Pay the fees for the exam and for the application
  • Submit your exam score

To be able to work as a licensed contractor provide proof of liability insurance.

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