Massachusetts Contractor License Classifications

Massachusetts Contractor License Classifications

In Massachusetts, the term Construction Supervisors stands for general contractors. Every single person who wishes to work as a general contractor in Massachusetts has to get a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License. It can be either restricted or unrestricted. In this article, you will find about the contractor license in Massachusetts and license classifications.

Massachusetts Contractor License

The Unrestricted Construction Supervisor License gives you the opportunity to lead construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, removal, or demolition. These activities are controlled by the State Board of Building Regulations and Standards. Also, the buildings should be a maximum of 35,000 cubic feet as well as single-family, two-family homes, or accessory buildings of different sizes. In addition, an engineer or architect has to supervise construction work on buildings over 35,000 cubic feet.

With the Restricted Construction Supervisor License, you can also lead the same types of construction-related activities for single-family or two-family homes and accessory buildings of different sizes.

Keep in mind that some towns have their own contractor license requirements in addition to the ones imposed by the state of Massachusetts.

Prime and small prime classification of job and description

General Building Construction

General contracts’ commitment for the building construction (new building, remodeling, restoration, modifications, additions, and so on).

The plan may consist of different building activities and leading at least 3 sub-works.

So, every single subsystem has to have a link. (And each subchannel needs to show a minimum of five percent of the entire cost of the project. Till the very first three sub-assemblies.)

Alarm Systems

Low-voltage firefighting and security systems, card access structure, TV systems with a close circuit, movement indicators, and other forms of security operations are installed, renovated, repaired, and also supported. Additionally, the construction has an alarm system.

The presence of an SL license assigned by the Office of Public Safety and Inspections of MA is required for certification in this category.

Asbestos Removal

Previously, the construction process included asbestos removing and discarding, which might involve packaging. But now the contractor needs to have a proven asbestos contractor’s permit provided by the Massachusetts Lead & Asbestos professional safety department to be certified in this category.


Implement lead replacement projects that include at least one of the mentioned. Scratching and chemically eliminating lead paint, packing and coating areas polluted with lead, or removing and restoring windows, furniture wood, or other lead-contaminated covering the home.

So, to get the deleading contractor license, a contractor must have a current and valid disloyalty contractor permit provided by the Massachusetts Department of Occupational Safety and Health for Lead & Asbestos


The task is usually done by building demolition contractors. Including scraping constructions or part of constructions, the central disembowel of constructions, or removing structural details from a construction.

Such as removing partitions, floors, windows, etc. fittings for a renewal or redevelopment project not in this title.

Windows and doors

Job ordinarily industrially operated, considering installing the windows and doors of wood and additional supplies, both inside and outside.

But, this is not including the glass and glazing.


Install, renew, repair, and also repair electrical wirework, pathways, control boards, lights, and equipment in construction. Considering ancillary or related jobs normally performed by persons in the electrician profession.

But get a certificate as an electrician you need the property of a Massachusetts Master Electrician’s license.

Scheme of electronic security

If your get this category license to will be responsible for the design, installation, and provide the support of integrated electronic security systems. And to make connection construction and get control over it. The work will also include, to build homes, lock touch screen controls, program logical controllers, set electrical relay methods, set intercoms, and closed-circuit TV systems. This working-class involves the design, manufacture, managing the project, installing, and also support of all orders.

The contractor of this category is chargeable for the supply and installation of all devices, wiring. And also an examination of any system on its own.

Confidential work of subcontracting is not allowed.

To get a certificate as an ESC you need to get a permit provided by the Public Safety Department MA.


Install, support, and repair lifts, wheelchair lifts, escalators, or trolleys in construction.

Energy management system

Design and install energy-saving technology or support plans in a building. So, this category involves initiatives to save the energy of performance contracts.

This work can consist of installing or modifying brand-new and already installed devices that will decrease waste of energy and water connected with heated, ventilated systems and also air conditioning, lighting, building envelopes, residential heated water, and additional power schemes, and water-consuming equipment.

In addition, also this class also consists of work relevant to work monitoring and verification, maintenances, and the analysis and/or work design in the problem.

However, energy management system contractors might control the whole project’s scope and the possibility of subcontracting part of the job to someone else.

Exterior Partition

Except for stone set on the top of structures, install and maintain aluminum, vinyl, or other cladding supplies.

Fire sprinkler systems

Install, renew, repair, and support fire sprinkler systems in constructions consist of ancillary or similar jobs normally performed by experts in fire sprinkler systems.


Installation of carpets, epoxy or resin floors, resilient flooring coatings, flooring hardwood, and every variety of tiles installed as finishing floor covers in a building.

Restore historic buildings

Construction/renovation, building, and roofs, individually, meet the standards assistant of the Interior standards declared by the United States Interior Department.

Wherever historic masonry and/or historic roofing are sub-items,  the handyman needs to have a license provided by DCAMM for brickwork and roofing respectively

However, The local historic board or house custodian organization may impose extra requirements and rules. So, the project has to comply with all the requirements.

Historic Buildings

Construction and renovations, construction, and roof remodeling meet the assistant of the Interior’s restoration standards issued by the U.S. Interior Department.

So, where historic handiwork and historic roofing are sub-items, the handyman needs to have a license provided by DCAMM for brickwork and roofing respectively

However, the local historic board or house custodian organization may impose extra requirements and rules. So, the project has to comply with all the requirements.

Roofs History

Construction and renovations, construction, and roof remodeling meet the Department of Interior restoration standards issued by the U.S. Interior Department.

Where historic artifact and historic roofing are sub-items, the handyman needs to have a license provided by DCAMM for brickwork and roofing respectively.

However, the local historic board or house custodian organization may impose extra requirements and rules. So, the project has to comply with all the requirements.

Paintings from the past

Consider a situation in which the building’s initial form, structure, supplies, and look must be preserved. In order to accordance in the extent possible ways with applicable codes and standards.


Install, renovate, repair, and maintain systems and equipment required, jointly or separately, to provide a comfortable heated and ventilated system, inside or in connection with a construction, consist of ancillary or related works usually performed by people skilled in commercial HVAC.


Concrete, stone, or brick masonry elements installing, remodeling, restoration, and servicing that form parts of construction, consist of construction auxiliary or similar jobs usually performed by masons.

Mechanical systems

Installing, remodeling, restoration, and servicing of supply systems, process pipelines, instruments, controllers, pumps, engines, turbines, and other machinery of the system-related mechanical systems.

In particular, this class includes working on automatic devices in large construction like energy stations, pumps, sewerage and water systems, and other related structures that require extensive experience in the mechanical field.

Contractors certified in plumbing and HVAC by DCAMM are automatically entitled to certify mechanical systems.


Apply paint to the inside and outside coverings of constructions and prepare those surfaces to receive a top coat, including related or similar work usually performed by professionals Paint done.


Installing, renovating, repairing, and maintaining pipes, fittings, and other equipment in constructions for the supply and distribution of water equipment and the treatment of fluid and liquid wastes, including includes construction or related fittings commonly made by commercial plumbers.

To get a certificate as a plumber you need to get a permit provided by a major Massachusetts plumber.

Pumping station

Pumping system work is underway.

DCAMM-certified contractors in general building construction and wastewater and the certification of treatment water plants are automated. at pumping stations.

If you have the contractor’s certification in this class. There is no need that the MGL submit all your pumping station projects.

Roof work

Installing different roofing elements for the same building project, consists of shingles, slate, rubber, PVC, and associated drainage and flashing.

Sewage and wastewater treatment plants

The general contracting firm for the construction structures used for the filtration, reduction, and treatment of wastewater and filtration and distribution of the supply of water.

If you have the contractor’s certification in this class. There is no need that all your water supply or sewerage projects need to be submitted under the MGL.

TV systems

Install, repair, and maintain telephone networks, intercoms, televisions, computers, or similar devices for the building’s main communication system.


Install, renovate, repair, or maintain the materials necessary to make the foundation, wall, and additional area of buildings impermeable or impermeable to moisture, including an ancillary or similar job as usual carried out by construction professionals waterproofing and waterproofing industry.

This class doesn’t indicate the roof itself.

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